Laze Craze

Simply Comfortable.

Introducing... The Laze Hammock, from Laze Craze.

Conquer & rock your summer! No tree? No problem! The Laze Hammock solves that.

For every need, in any occasion.

The Laze Knit

Drop into a heavenly cloud that will take all your stress away. Comfort & relaxation is all yours with the Laze Knit.

The Laze Traditional

Nothing compares to tradition, that's why we included our state of the art, modernized traditional hammock in our product line.


Coming soon: The Laze Bag, from Laze Craze.




Our double-layer design makes the Bean Bag machine washable, so if you ever spill anything on the bag, you can live stress-free knowing you can easily restore it's pristine look.

Foam Included

Foam is included in every Laze bag ordered! You do not have to worry about filling the bag yourself.

Super Soft

The outside fabric of our Bean Bags are predominately faux fur to insure the most soft feeling texture.


The best purchase of 2021 by far! 10/10 recommend if you’re looking for a comfy seat! Very durable and doesn't deteriorate with use :)

Ale Calvo

With the Laze Hammock traditional, I'm having a great time, all the time.

Gerardo Hernandez

My college dorm was missing that lazy vibe and thing for me destress after studying, laze bag is coming in clutch for that!

Oz Lee

I felt like my summer was missing something, until I got my laze hammock. Now I'm living up my summer to the FULLEST! Relaxation at it's finest. Never felt this good from a purchase.

Chelsea Zuniga

I've made a lot of dumb purchases during the pandemic, but buying the laze knit was a genius move. None of my seats at home have some type of cooling system so I'm always sweating in my seats (yes I have a fan but it doesn't help). But when I lay, or sit on the knitted hammock and put my fan under it or at an angle... gosh, there's just no words to describe it., except for PURE GENIUS!!!

Richard Dominguez

Just got my "laze bag" today, I feel like I'm on a cloud!

Aramos Rivers

I’ve been wanting a bean bag, none ever seemed good. Until I found these! Fancy and comfortable AND practical at the same time. OMG LITERALLY PERFECT! Laze bag gang WYA!?

Tanisha Reyes

Love the Laze Bag for gaming and just stacking my stuff on top of it, very roomy

Cameron Cook

Got the laze bag and the laze traditional and they're actually giving me the comfort my ex couldn't give me.

George Jimenez

Mission Statement:

Continuously provide the best comfortable products in the market to all.